Your first visit

How do we get started?

Your first encounter with Børneterapien will usually be at the assessment.

We have contacted you and scheduled a time and date for you to meet with us at Børneterapien with your child. Enclosed with the notification of the meeting, you will find a questionnaire, which we would like you to fill in and bring to the assessment. Please see the link on the right hand side.

Course of therapy
After the assessment, and when a service has been granted, your child’s course of therapy can begin. Even if both physiotherapy and occupational therapy has been granted, your child will usually start out with just one of them.

Regular therapist and starting up
Your child will have a regular physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist, who will contact you and schedule time and place for a start-up talk (without your child) and the first therapy session with your child along with regular future appointments. The individual therapy sessions usually last 45 minutes.

On the basis of notes and records, the assessment brief from Børneterapien, and the start-up talk, a course of therapy will be planned based on your child’s core issues, at the same time taking into consideration that you and your child have to get to know the place and us.

Contact information
At the beginning of the course of therapy, you will be asked to fill in a form with relevant information about yourselves (e.g. phone no., e-mail address, and address) along with contact information for your child’s day care, support person, your child’s doctor, hospital connection etc. Please see the link on the right hand side.

Permission to use photo and video recordings
At Børneterapien, we use photos and video for tests, documentation, internal and external education, and as PR on e.g. this homepage. Therefore you will be asked already at the beginning of the course of therapy to make up your minds about the situations and purposes for which we can use photos of your child. Please see the link on the right hand side.