Where do we go for therapy

Your child can have therapy sessions with us at Børneterapien, and we can visit in the immediate environment

Therapy at Børneterapien
Børneterapien is designed to encourage training and physical development. Your child knows what to do, when he/she comes here, and we have many different kinds of toys and equipment to challenge most children. Furthermore, we have large and small helping aids for testing and use at Børneterapien. When we need to use this equipment, training takes place at Børneterapien.

Therapy at home
Some children are small and fragile, so when they start therapy, it is best to train at home. It may also be necessary for them to stay in their regular surroundings for a time. Here, there are fewer disturbances, and the children feel safe and are more open to training. The therapist always assesses where the most optimum place for therapy and guidance is.

Regular surroundings
When we visit your child’s day care, we often want to see your child in his/her regular surroundings and provide the staff with guidance and ideas for training which can be transferred to everyday life.