Our collaborators

 - and the way we share our knowledge with you and relevant professionals

Close collaborators
Our closest day-to-day collaborators are the child’s family and possible support person(s). Furthermore, we collaborate with other professionals in the child’s life. This may include hospitals, doctors, teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, and caseworkers.

Participation in meetings
We can participate in relevant meetings, e.g. meetings concerning action plans, hospital meetings, etc.

Assessment of results
When we have completed a status or conducted a test, we can go through these tests with relevant professionals in addition to the parents. They are also used in our co-operation with the municipalities concerning future services. Along with the parents, we agree on who may benefit from our new knowledge, and we plan a future mutual focus in close co-operation with the persons who associate with the child on a daily basis.

Close connections
This way, we make sure that things make sense both for the children and for you as a family, and that we all agree on what was decided.