Working together towards our common goal

What can you do for your child in everyday life?

Training at Børneterapien will show the best results, when we work together towards a common goal. This means working with activities or exercises at home as well.

For some children, an activity could be to walk up and down the stairs without holding hands, when moving around at home. Others may spend 10-15 minutes every day playing a certain game that encourages fine motor skills, playing ball, doing a puzzle, or performing a particular motor exercise.

For even others, the activity can be that the child and a parent play a particular motor game at home, at the playground, or in the woods a couple of times a week.

If therapy is to succeed, we must find a relevant way together that will work for you as a family in your busy everyday-life.

Many of the families we meet attend regular examinations with other healthcare instances that may also provide exercises to fit into everyday-life along with cooking, homework, hobbies, and sleep. So talk to us about what you can manage, and together we will find a suitable solution that will work for your child and the rest of the family.