Therapy and training

Generally for both health professions

Both health professions
At Børneterapien, physiotherapists and occupational therapists work closely together. In our opinion, this is without question the best way to understand each child and gain insight into the child’s resources and get the full picture.

In some areas, we overlap; in others we are specialised.

In the below sections, you will therefore find some issues and descriptions, which look the same, and others, which are only mentioned under one or the other of the professions.

We will assess and analyse the fine and gross motor skill levels and abilities of each child and identify activity issues which influence everyday activities.

Tests and observations
We use a number of standardised tests and observations and plan our therapy with focus on perception processing, development, and self-sufficiency.

In addition to this, it is relevant for us to have both medical information and knowledge from parents, social educators, and teachers.

The objective of the training must be realistic and individually assessed in co-operation with parents and preferably the child as well in order to make the training as motivational as possible.

The training is planned
in such a way that the therapist has chosen a number of relevant activities from the overall objective. Often the children have requests of their own concerning their training, which the therapist integrates based on the objective.

The purpose
of the training is based on each child’s daily activity level, learning abilities in proportion to the motor milestones, and to become more self-sufficient.