For parents

Here, you will find information about the children we treat here at Børneterapien, and how you are referred

Which children do we treat
Børneterapien is an offer for children with motor challenges and children with physical and psychological disabilities in the ages 0-18.

At Børneterapien, the children learn new skills that they can use in their everyday lives. All training takes place via games and movement – so you can expect a house full of smiles and fun, when your child comes here.

Your municipality caseworker will refer your child to Børneterapien. We treat children from most municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark. Talk to your caseworker about the possibilities.

Who assesses and refers
The child’s municipality of residence will refer, grant, and pay for the child’s examinations and therapy at Børneterapien.

If the referral is made by the hospital or doctor, it is sent directly to your caseworker.

Børneterapien provides services under both Serviceloven §11, section 4, §§44/86 (training maintenance) and Sundhedsloven §140 (general rehabilitation after examination or treatment at the hospital).

As a citizen, you neither can nor shall par for the services from Børneterapien; these will be granted via your caseworker in the municipality of residence.

Tests and examinations
In our work with the children, we use a number of internationally acknowledged tests and examinations. If you have questions concerning this subject, you are always welcome to contact us.