For our colleagues

Who are we, and what do we stand for?

We are a house full of enthusiastic therapists, an obliging administrative colleague, a senior worker, who takes care of us on a daily basis, and a widely embracing, technical man of all work.

Energy and commitment
Børneterapien oozes energy and commitment, and our common foothold is that we are dedicated to giving our children and their families a meaningful course of therapy along with a feeling that their effort pays off.

The therapist group
consists of 11 occupational therapists and 13 physiotherapists.
This is a workplace where people stay for a long time; a third of the group has been here more than 10 years and has specialised within this special target group of children with many different disabilities and syndromes.

Wide professional dynamic
This gives us a basis of well-founded knowledge and experience, which – mixed with the other half of the group who brings along new theoretical knowledge and work methods – gives us a varied and wide professional dynamic in the group.

At Børneterapien, we prioritise that the staff possesses a high level of professional expertise, which we gain via courses, continuing education, professional discussions, and targeted practical experience.

Knowledge sharing
We have resource persons within diagnoses groups, tests, and therapy methods, and we share our knowledge at monthly meetings.

Evidence-based research and experience
In order to develop and keep up our professional expertise, we strive to work in a goal-oriented and efficient manner founded on evidence-based research and experience.