Our house

Premises and opportunities for expression

Our house and the surroundings

You will find Børneterapien at Bank-Mikkelsens Vej 11 in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen. Our premises are furnished with training facilities and equipment specially developed for children with disabilities. Our house is bright and friendly and among other things has:

  • pleasant, child-friendly rooms for indoor play and movement, e.g. gymnasium with trampoline, large mats, pillows, couches, Bobles equipment, special swings, treadmills, and much more
  • small, quiet rooms for concentration and absorption
  • small rooms for testing
  • specially developed equipment for playing and training
  • peaceful, green surroundings with small hills, stone circles and large grassy areas, where we can train walking, running, stamina, balance, and cycling
  • huge gymnasium with room for large pieces of training equipment and lots of physical activity
  • hot water pool for swimming, relaxation, and stretching
  • equipment for occupational therapy training of practical everyday tasks
  • possibility of testing new helping aids
  • computer equipment with touch screens, special input devices for mouse control, special programmes and games, iPad games and learning programmes
  • possibility of ADL training (Activities of Daily Living)