Frequently asked questions

How can my child attend Børneterapien?
Your child must have a referral from your municipality, often from a caseworker or a department of children and families. When we receive the referral, you and your child will be called in for an assessment at Børneterapien.

The assessment is made by a small team consisting of a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. The examination will result in a report, describing whether we think that we can help your child at Børneterapien and if so, which type of service would be fitting.

The report will be sent to you and the person at the municipality, who made the referral. Now it is up to the municipality to assess, whether the service applied for can be granted.

Does it cost anything to send my child to Børneterapien?
As a main rule, a private person cannot pay to receive services at Børneterapien, but you can apply for services via Serviceloven §11 section.4 and §44 (§86).

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist?
Roughly speaking, physiotherapists work with gross motor functions.

That means that they train the children to obtain stability and control of their bodies in order to hold their head up, sit, stand, walk, and run – prerequisites to handle many daily activities.

Occupational therapists work with the fine motor functions, cognitive and perceptual areas, often from a given activity problem.

The occupational therapist will train the children to develop hand motor skills, e.g. grip and hand-eye-coordination in order to handle toys, writing equipment, utensils, and input devices for computers as well as getting dressed/undressed in an independent manner.

Both professions work with the development of the child’s perception of body and movement and sensory-motor development.

Can you come to our home and work with our child?
The therapists from Børneterapien will have therapy sessions both at Børneterapien, at your child’s day care, and in your home, based on an assessment of where the child will profit the most from the training.

In order to achieve the best possible transference value and support the skills that a child has acquired at Børneterapien, the therapist can provide guidance in the home or day care.

However, older children often need more room and training equipment, and this is only found or best used at Børneterapien’s facilities.

Can our child come back later and learn more?
The services at Børneterapien usually run over a course of 3 months to 1 year. Approx. 6 weeks before the service expires, a progress report is drawn up.

Either the course of therapy is completed, or an application is made for further therapy. Based on the report, the need for further therapy and a time period of the new service is assessed.

If a course of therapyis completed, you can apply again at a later time, following the same procedure as with the first referral, i.e. via the child’s municipality/caseworker.

Who should we contact at the municipality, if we believe that our child can benefit from attenting Børneterapien?
Your caseworker or the department of children and families for children with special needs.

With which municipalities does Børneterapien cooperate?
We co-operate with most municipalities from the Capital Region of Denmark.